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From: Tsc Stories
Subject: College bound part 9*****************************************
College bound
“Rooming with the Enemy”
Written by ACJ aka Tsc
*****************************************(Landon)”I cant stop this feeling I got , I know what I am and I know what
I’m not” the lyrics were in my head, Razorlight(musical group) seem
to get me and this song was so true how I stumbled upon this U.K band I
guess it was Fate , I Landon was thinking of Eric, but I don’t dare pursue
it although I almost last semester it seemed like every song held my true
feelings . I turned my I-pod down and entered American literature three , I
had to really do good this semester because my grades dropped last semester
and I was falling behind Preteen Nudism , I was actually put on academic probation , I
failed two classes last semester and my parents weren’t too happy about
that , they said I better shape up or they weren’t paying for college so
that’s what I am doing , I could tell this class was going to be boring
then the door opened and Eric came in , he was wearing a Grey and white
plaid shirt with black jeans and black sneakers and a fresh haircut our
eyes locked he smiled so did I , he came over “mind if I sit” he asked I
moved my book bag he sat “fancy meeting you here” I smiled “Same, so how
are you” I asked “I’m good Landon , you Preteen Nudism don’t have to be awkward around me
, were friends right” I nodded “yeah friends” I stated “cool” the professor
came in she stood in front of the class and introduced us to the course.***(Danny)I , woke up to a shirtless Justin sleeping , man he was built , what am I
saying he treated Eric like Crap. I got up and stretched as I yawned I
noticed his eyes open and looking at my crotch area I looked down , morning
wood “I can take care of that for you” he smiled “no thanks I can manage on
my own” I rolled my eyes and got a towel out of my closet “shouldn’t you
get up for class” I stated he sat up yawning then stood up he was hard “no
I think I will take care of myself unless you want to then get ready “you
are rotton you know that” I left out the room to the co-ed bathroom. The
only thing I didn’t like was that my new room didn’t have a bathroom like
our old room this sucked and I was rooming with the enemy . I returned to
Him Jerking off, his dick was huge “oh sorry didn’t expect you to be back
so soon” he had a grin plastered on his face indicating that he knew full
well I would be back and he was still jerking , “oh god , oh fuck” he
moaned then erupted , I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him and his cum
spewing out of his cockand all over his hands he opened his eyes and smiled
at me “wow, Danny did I make you horny?” I looked down and was at full max,
my cock poking out of the towel wrapped around my waist. I turned red fast
, he got out of his bed and wiped his hands on a shirt on the floor and
came over to me “if you need me to take care of you just tell me” he kissed
me neck I backed away ” I don’t need your help with anything , just stop
Justin, what are you trying to do, you know what position I would be in
because Eric is my best friend” he smiled ” I know a couple of positions I
want you in” I rolled my eyes “fuck off” I stated and got ready for class.***(Eric)I was in the dining hall eating fries when Stefan walked in “Hey!”, Stefan
said while sitting close to me “can I have some” he asked me looking at my
fried “sure” he used a fork and took some “so my classes are going well, I
have a professor Woodson, he teaches”, “history , I had him last semester
,” I replied “so what’s he like” Stefan asked “um he is something , I
didn’t really Preteen Nudism like him so I changed classes , but you might like him
though” he nodded I Preteen Nudism
felt his hand on my thigh “you know you made me so
horny last night” he whispered I smiled “sorry didn’t mean to” “your hot
Eric , its hard for you to not. Make me horny ” I chuckled “hey there you
are , I was wondering if we could have another session” the girl from
yesterday came up to us , he still had his hand on my thigh under the table
moving it around making me hard “um , yeah , how about around three, you
don’t mind buddy right” I nodded no “so I’ll see you then Mandy” she smiled
then walked away I moved my leg “aww don’t be like that” he leaned in
flashing me that sexy smile “like what?” I asked “like you are jealous” he
teased ” Stefan , I am not jealous, trust me what you do is your thing I
just don’t want to be involved , because what you think your doing is
having fun , but what you can potentially do is cause more harm then good ,
so you can screw any girl or guy you want it just wont be me” I got up and
left out because I had my sociology class.After class I went to the library to do some reading on our first lessons
of my class I figured this would by me time while Stefan was screwing that
bimbo. “Fish, your studying on the first day of classes, are you ” I looked
up it was Rick standing there with a amused look on his face “It is so
pleasant to see you Rick!” I said sarcastically he sat down as if I invited
him too “so , I have an assignment for you ” I was now intrigued “what is
it another story since you did publish my first one in the paper today” he
smiled “no I want you to hang up these flyers around the school , we are
looking for a new staff” I was disappointed he handed me the flyers “oh,
I’m sorry didn’t mean to get your hopes up” I rolled my eyes at that
“you’re an idiot you know that” he chuckled “is that a way to speak to your
boss” “sorry boss , just trying to keep a line of communication open, no
wonder everyone quit you are egotistical and a know it all , oh and you
like to put other people down” he had a blank face “I should Preteen Nudism go enjoy
hanging up the flyers” he stood up and walked away “great , I got on his
bad side” it was five before I knew it , I got back to my room and there
wasn’t anything on the doorknob so I walked in Stefan was in bed sleeping
with that girl on his arms snuggled up together I put my book bag down and
grabbed my laptop then I heard movement “oh dude I’m sorry” I heard Stefan
“for what,” I asked not looking at him “for not kicking her out, we just
fell asleep” I turned back around “its fine I’m leaving anyway” I stated
“No don’t go, this is your room as much as mine , I wont put you out
anymore” he woke the girl up she kissed him and got up she smiled at me
with no shame at all and put her clothes on and left out he sat up as I sat
down on my bed he looked at me for a minute making me uncomfortable “I
don’t get you” I turned to look at him “what do you mean?” I asked “you’re
a good looking guy Er , and I know you could get any guy that is willing
but I haven’t seen you get laid or even try to find someone” he looked to
be in thought “that’s because I want something more then that , I mean I
like sex , but I want someone I can be with , to you that might sound
unrealistic but to me ,” he stopped me “no it doesn’t sound unrealistic but
sometimes you just have to have fun” he stated “I got this thing where I
get attached to people , and your hot you are and I think about what it
would be like to have sex with you I do” he smiled “but I also know that
lust could easily be mistaken for love , and I see what your doing with her
and it wont stop even if we do sleep together, why bother you know, its
just more drama down the road that I don’t need and neither do you , I
don’t believe you can have sex with someone and walk away Preteen Nudism
, if you keep on
doing it with the same person someone will get invested , he listen to me
intently and nodded ” I see what your saying , ” he got up naked and
stretched his flaccid dick became hard I looked away he laughed “admit it
you want me” I laughed ” I do ” he got wide eyed “but I cant” I chuckled to
myself “your not what I’m looking for” I looked at his face he seem to be
hurt by that comment I stood up ” I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you” he
smiled “your too damn nice you know that Eric” he came close and kissed me
on my forehead “if I wasn’t such a sexed jerk I would so want to be with
you” Preteen Nudism he stroked my face and got his towel and wrapped it around himself and
left out .***(Ashlee)Landon seemed preoccupied in his thought after I gave him a blow job “what
are you thinking about” as we laid there “classes , if I don’t pass my
parents cut me off” I kissed him “I’m sorry about that, do you got enough
in you to fuck” I said he half smiled “no im wiped out” I was disappointed
“its okay, hey I have to go, you sure your okay” I stated he smiled “yeah”
I kissed him then stood up and left out , as I went in the hallway I ran
into Joe he smiled at me ” hi” I said he looked around then lifted my leg
putting his hands under my skirt rubbing me “no panties , you want to come
to my room real quick” I smiled he removed his hands and we went to his
room.***(Landon)I felt sick , I don’t know every time I had sex with Ashlee It didn’t sit
right on me , mainly because I didn’t get hard anymore thinking about girls
, then Eric came to mind and I would get hard , I would close my eyes
during her blowjobs or when we had sex picturing Eric at night with the
lights off It was Eric , I mean it felt good but I only got it up thinking
about him. Before him it was different , I mean I thought about guys before
they were my jerk off images but I thought about girls too but now that was
slipping away and I was only thinking about guys mainly one. I got up and
took a long hot shower then got ready for the party tonight , I invited
Eric and Stefan , Danny , not Justin but he probably would come anyways and
a few people I assume that were freshmen a few of the girls hit on me , I
put on t-shirt some jeans blow dried me hair I had to get a hair cut soon
and some cologne by the time I was prepped it I heard music downstairs , as
I left my room I hear moaning coming from Joe’s room I laughed he was
banging some chick. I went downstairs people were arriving some of the guys
came in with beer , we had to get this first party off right . The house
was damn near packed , Eric and Steffen came in , I made my way to them I
shook both of there hands “enjoy the party guys “a girl came over to
Steffen and asked him to dance he accepted they began dancing and grinding
on each other , Eric smiled at me ” I guess he isn’t into you” I stated he
made a funny face like yeah he is “oh god here comes trouble” Eric stated a
girl came over “What are you doing” she asked Steffen “Who is that” I Preteen Nudism asked
“the girl Steffen has been hooking up with , I warned him” Eric stated
“what are Preteen Nudism you doing we aren’t dating I just fucked you get lost” she looked
upset Eric face turned from curious to angry m Steffen looked at Eric and
tried to walk over but Eric went over to the girl they talked she hugged
him and they began dancing , Eric was a sweet guy I thought , and I
wondered where Ashlee was , another hour went by and no Ashlee then she
came through the door and over to me “sorry I am late there was an
emergency at the house apparently someone broke in I was with the police”
she stated “Are you okay” I asked “yeah , I’m fine” I hugged her Eric
looked for a second and turned I guess he was over me , was all I could
think.***(Eric)When we got in it was quiet “can we talk about it” Steffen asked “about
what , I told you you shouldn’t play games , I bet you didn’t even tell her
you weren’t looking for anything serious m you just led her on” he put his
head down ” I don’t mean to you know , I just do , I guess it’s a bd habit”
he sat down on his bed looking down to the floor I got up from my bed and
over to his “you know you really are a good guy , just let people know your
intentions before hand so they can decide if they are ready for it , not
everyone can go through the whole booty call thing” he laughed “you get me
Johnston you know that” he put his hand on my chin and pulled me in close I
don’t know why I let him do this ” his soft pink lips met mines then his
tongue entered my mouth my body began to shake this felt different then the
first time he did it , something in his kiss made me scared he was putting
his whole heart and soul into it , it was powerful i ran my fingers through
his hair pulling him in closer he wrapped his arms around me I fell back
with him on top of me , he lifted my leg and was in between my legs I
wrapped my legs around his powerful frame pulling him into me his jean clad
crotche rubbing againt mine we were both hard and we continued the kissing
he backed up alittle “we cant” he said he brought me back down to earth “if
I never respected anyone before I respect you , and I don’t want to hurt
you , I sat up a Preteen Nudism little pulling him closer our lips met again his tongue
hissed as it went into my mouth I pulled away “okay” I got up and went over
to my bed I turned my back to him damn it , he was getting to me, I wanted
to have sex with him so bad but he pulled away , I wasn’t going to practice
what I preached tonight , maybe I mis interpreted Steffen maybe he was more
caring then he let on I turned to face him he was laying down looking at me
, I got up and into his bed “what are you doing ” he asked “don’t worry I
just want to lay hear he smiled and pulled me in his arm around Preteen Nudism my head I
took a hold of hand and intertwine with mine “so Preteen Nudism , tell me about your high
school days” he Preteen Nudism smiled “okay, I was on the football team and dated this
cheerleader named Heather” I laughed “that doesn’t surprise me ” he laughed
to “oh shut up Eric , let me finish” . Maybe I can just have a little fun
right .************************************************************************
*Dreams are only Dreams When you do nothing about them.
************************************************************************Hey thanks for reading , The latest chapter of College bound , be sure to read the next chapter and e-mail me
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